geometric mirror installation

Spectrum, 2018
Set entirely in the round at the beautiful 'Esferic' building in central Barcelona, this corporate event hosted major players from the android world who had gathered for the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC). 

We created a geometric mirror installation that wrapped around the perimeter of the main room. Large steel stands held 140 aluminium triangles individually, so that a backlighting element could define the shapes and create a fractal landscape around the room. 

Three large orbiting LED light features created focal points for the room, and illuminated a central bar and three catering stations, from which a DJ played and Michelin quality food was served. 

Triangular creative installation
LED triangular light installation
Installation for tech client
live event mirror installation
Live tech event installation

Immersive event build

The entranceway was enveloped in 40 Metres of unbroken projection screen, creating a truly immersive welcome experience.


Entrance to immersive light installation
Triangular event scenery