We are a creative art, design, production and fabrication agency based in South East London.

We get involved in all parts of a given job, from concept through to the final brush stroke, and we love watching ideas come to life.

Drawing from sculptural and architectural backgrounds, we have a firm focus on both the aesthetic and functional aspects of our work, using symbolism and visual cues to tell stories and guide people through dynamic new experiences.

With broad and specialist experience working across many industries and in some demanding circumstances, we have the skills and expertise to understand our clients’ needs and deliver even the most unique and whimsical projects, efficiently and with utmost care and planning.

With firm foundations in traditional skills like carpentry and engineering, recent years have seen us lean further towards new technologies, using cutting edge programmed lighting and sensors to create responsive installations for brand activation, performance pieces, events and gallery settings, to name a few. This work really excites us.

We’re committed to our artistic approach and spend a good deal of time developing our own artworks and concepts in the hope that we can develop them further and apply the discoveries to enrich our work.

We also develop one-off and small batch productions of furniture, which will soon be available in the shop section.