We are a small business with big ideas, and our team is constantly adapting to make them possible. We keep a small core crew and supplement talent with a range of trusted freelancers. This helps us stay diverse and versatile, while also remaining efficient and cost effective.

Most of our work comes through repeated clients, who know us well and have confidence and understanding in what we have to offer, but we are always keen to make new contacts and love working with new people on new ideas. For those people, here’s a break down of what we do and how we work.

Design & Concept

Other creative teams often approach us at an early stage before a concept, or even a brief has been properly established. We work to make sure that the full ambitions of a job are identified as early as possible so we can unlock any hidden potential, and work around the constraints.

We are confident and imaginative thinkers. We understand the need to for unique, informative and memorable experiences delivered in real world conditions, and can produce a range of ideas on a short timescale that will align our creative ambitions and stay within budget.

The design phase is not only where we crystalise our ideas and define their form and materiality, but also where we strategise the whole build and installation processes. The design scheme will be nurtured meticulously and we are constantly inventing new build methodologies to suit the harshest time constraints. And be assured, our designers have the most detailed knowledge of materials and processes, and their limitations.

 - Moodboards
- Precedents
- Sketches
- Design development & Research
- Sketches
- Floorplans
- Engineering
- Schematics
- Storyboards
- Maquettes
- Renders


Production & Fabrication

Over the years we have developed countless working relationships with a range of suppliers and subcontractors that help us fulfil tasks that no fabricator could do alone. Calling on this network we can turn around project costings and assured lead times for your unique requirements, and remain open to change throughout the process.


- Carpentry and furniture making
- Ferrous and non ferrous metalwork
- Structural metalwork
- Plastic fabrications
- Mechanical fabrication
- Electronic prototyping and development
- Electrical installation
- Programmed lighting
- Integrated lighting
- Upholstery
- Scenic Painting
- Assembly

Project Management

Playing on the strategies laid out in the design phase and rehearsed throughout the build, we keep projects moving on site and make sure the highest standards are achieved within a carefully planned schedule. We understand that briefs evolve and we do our best to facilitate changes right up to the last minute. 


- Schedules
- Project Management
- Co-ordinating
- On-site Management
- Adaptation