Immersive booth installation
Seat of experiential booth
LED experience booth
Motions and sensors of experience booth
Inside sensual experience booth
Immersive sounds, aromas and movements booth
Multi sensory creative build



Booth, 2017
A sensual experience brand activation for AIA, participants sit down in the booth and a led through several different scenarios; a crowded train, a New York Nightclub, a Dentist appointment, a bustling Bangkok street and a relaxing Spa treatment, each triggering its own range of immersive sounds, aromas and movements. 

During the experience a headset records the participant's brain activity and transposes it in vivid colour throughout the polycarbonate walls. 

This is one of our most enjoyable and rewarding builds to date. Designed and fabricated in a matter of weeks,  we drew on detailed experience of technology and processes to deliver this on time and without error. 


  • Tablet to interact throughout the experience
  • RGB LEDs Throughout
  • Steel Structure
  • Polycarbonate walls
  • Audio - Minirig
  • Audio - Bass Shaker (Transducer), for deep bone trembling bass frequencies
  • Motion - Vibration motor mounted to seat for tremors
  • Motion - Recline function on seat during Dentist Scene
  • Ventilation - Fans mounted to deck to clear scents between scenes
  • Olfactory - 5x scent nebulisers and unique aromas to draw users deep into the scene
  • Power - single 13Amp plug
  • Transit - in one piece with protective cover, specially designed for a mini palette truck