LED light up brain
brain sculpture

Brain, 2017
Our old friends at MDM Props asked us to design and supply the internal illumination of this 4.5m fibreglass brain sculpture. 

Each section needed to illuminate in a distinct and independent colour from the next, while allowing another luminary to be clearly visible from the core of the brain. 

illuminating brain sculpture
brain sculpture in workshop
fabricating brain sculpture

We developed a complex polygonal chassis to suspend the LEDs beneath the fibreglass at regular spacing. This kept the illumination uniform from the outside, and made the installation process (and any fault finding) fairly straightforward. Using transparent polycarbonate allowed the central light feature to illuminate from the core. 

Held at 150 - 220mm from the fibreglass surface, the 4500 pixels are arranged at an 80mm pitch. The distance from the shell is fundamental to creating a uniform illumination on the surface. 

Amygdala illuminating middle of brain

Here you can see the Amygdala illuminating right from the core of the brain.


Sometimes our installations contain hidden gems. We find that behind the scenes  areas often hide some of the most incredible spaces, and very few people are ever likely to see them.