Mirror tunnel installation for Samsung

Pandora Launch Events, 2018
We were asked by our client to come up with some creative ideas for an event around Pandora’s new collection on the theme of reflections. The events were taking place in two different venues so we had to over come the challenge of designing multiple parts of the installations which would look great and logistically work at both events.

light swing event
Sign mirror lights

The key feature of the installation is the swing as out client wanted an ‘instagramable moment’ that the event goers would want to share on social media. We designed the swing continuing the circular and reflective theme and in keeping with the clients branding. It had to be freestanding as one of the venues couldn’t support a suspended swing so we designed and fabricated a freestanding frame to support it which worked well in giving the swing a great backdrop for the photos in all locations.

We also designed and fabricated a stage backdrop, clusters of mirrored freestanding monoliths and circular light rings to produce a really immersive and visually memorable event.

The event goers enjoyed the reflective environment we’d created and the images of the swing was uploaded many times onto social media so had the desired effect of raising the profile of Pandora’s new collection. The client liked the swing so much so that they decided they would like us to install it in their flagship store on Oxford Street.

Reflective event build
Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 15.42.49.png