We are a group of professionals who assemble on a project basis. Our broad ranging expertise means that whatever the job, we've got it covered.  



George Watson

George initially earned his trade on boats on the river Thames. After several years in construction, and a design degree from Central Saint Martin's College, he built artworks for big name artists (Marc Quinn, Fiona Banner, Raquib Shaw, Anish Kapoor, Yayoi Kusama, Mark Wallanger) and exhibitions for V&A, National Gallery, and the Design Museum, to name a few. 

In search of his own journey, he followed Love (&Money) to develop his own business and work on projects from conception to completion, exploring materials and techniques to produce high impact design work in any setting. 


Jason Storey

Jason is a web developer by trade, providing the team with the digital hieroglyphics that make our creations look alive. Anything that moves, or changes colour or brightness is ultimately controlled by Jason. 

You will never really see work that Jason does, but without it each piece would just be another mass of 20th Century solids. 

Jason's goal in Love + Money would be to see physical objects portray web activity and fuse the two worlds together. 



Introducing our resident electronics engineer and advisor, Steven Kelly! Our capabilities would be greatly reduced if not for this man, who can build the kind of electronic machinery that can identify human presence (or digital/environmental stimuli) and respond to it in a vast array of ways. 

Aside from creating interactive toys, Steve makes damn sure that all things electrical are done to the highest of standards to ensure safety and longevity.